Easy Makeover Ideas from a Moroccan B&B

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The weekend is just around the corner. I’m thinking of de-cluttering the home by giving away some of our furniture and artefacts we’ve collected over the years: my way of freeing up the mind and creating space. While looking for Zen homes, I came across this beautiful bed and breakfast place in Marrakech called Zen House – Riad (nothing related to the zen way of living). But the place is lively and for those of you looking for easy and frugal makeover ideas, there are tons of them in these pictures.

Noticed the huge cylindrical pillars, archways and wooden beams in the courtyard? The blue and whit vase with fresh roses is an icing to the tabletop.

I love this idea of monochromes. Why haven’t I thought of it before? Contrasts are so boring. Isn’t it simple to given an instant earthy look to a bathroom in shades of green, yellow, red or blue?

You get low triangular stools like the one in this picture at Hypercity/Mother Earth. I’ve seen it in circular and square shapes as well. Very comfortable low seating when topped with a cushion.

For the aqua colored cushions, cut your old curtains and make them into cushion covers. I seem to always have curtains in blue. So, maybe, it’s time to move on to other colors.

This picture isĀ  testimony for the fact that one doesn’t need expensive tables to bring life to a dining table. All it takes is some colorful crockey in bright colors, fresh linen and fresh fruits. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look or buy crockery from the fancy stores. Remember the road side wala who used to sell glazed handmade jars in baskets when you were a kid. Yep..you still get them by the roadside.

This uber-relaxation place is on the rooftop. Yes, believe it or not! A secluded space away from the hustle and bustle to soak in the sun amid greens. The next time I have to redo the floors, I’m going back to the red oxide look of the 70s and 80s. Have a great weekend.

Image courtesy: Zen House, housetrip.com


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