Last December, we changed the look of the focus wall in living room with Asian Paints’ decorative paint as part of their Surprise your Spouse campaign. Now, I’m looking at various options to transform a wall in the dining room for a budget under Rs. 10,000. The partially open wall divides the dining area and the kitchen. I would love to give a fireplace look to the wall with some lanterns and low-seating wooden dining table. The look is fresh in my mind but I’m having trouble deciding on the tiles.

For a fireplace look, the choice is easy if the area is large. Any deep-red brick color should do but I’m skeptical as it would make the small dining room much smaller. While scouting for ideas, I came across these lovely well-lit rooms with a rustic feel in the 2008-2011 BBC Good Homes CD collection (have you seen it?) and Houzz.

After looking at these images, I’m leaning towards a lighter color palette – a mix of silver and grey with a brick pattern to give that rustic look.

In the picture above, square wall tiles have been pasted alongside a wallpaper.

But, in my opinion, the wall in natural stone steals the show and the one below is black magic at its best. Though the black look is rendered by a wallpaper, it’s possible to execute a similar setting with wall tiles.

If you have clad walls in your home, would you be kind enough to share pictures? For those of you who are new to the concept and wondering why tile walls? Isn’t it best to paint? For one, a stoned wall stays the same for ever. The elegance and earthy look is hard to get with paint. Easy on maintenance and no need to ever paint the wall. Of course, if you change your mind a few years later, it might be a messy job to take it down. So ponder your choice of tile before getting it done.  And, it’s not very expensive. Tiles start from Rs.30 and go till Rs.50 and the labor cost is around Rs.8-10 per sq.ft. So, your wallet will be lighter by Rs. 7000 for a 100 sq.ft wall.

Once you’ve decided, it’s literally a 4 hour job to give your wall a new look. Go for it!

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All Good Homes images from 2008-2011 CD collection.



  1. Preeti.Prasad

    Have come here after a very long time. Usually many interior related blogs show lots of creative stuff, but they never give an estimate which is very important to begin with. Sometimes, it may happen that certain improvement is very much possible within a modest budget, but those glossy pics make those very expensive..thanks for giving us an idea about the approx cost that may occur.

  2. laksh

    Welcome back, Preeti. I will post pictures of my cladded wall soon with exact details of cost/labor etc.

  3. Hi, I’m planning to paint my entire house however i want to know whom to contact get the best deal on paintings..i live in bangalore, ramamurthy nagar. Appreciate your reply…

  4. laksh

    Hi Barani,

    You can get a quote from Nerolac, Asian Paints and Berger and decide which one you would like to go with. I have a post coming up on this topic next based on my experiences with these vendors.

  5. Nice Article.
    Have been on look out for Brit style red bricks to do by tv walls. Any pointers where i can get these bricks/tiles in bangalore or anywhere they can be transported from .

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