Maati Crafts Exhibition in Bangalore

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Have you been to the Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore? The place hosts several arts and handicrafts exhibitions round the year and a visit to the center has been on the cards for months now. And, I’m glad it’s going to happen this weekend. Thanks to an exhibition by Maati Crafts from June 30 – July 2nd.

Ever since I saw the beautiful applique curtain on  Once upon a team time, I’ve been asking my husband every time he visits Mumbai if he would be around that area. Just like any Indian hand crafted piece, you’ll fall in love with the work of their artisans once you see their FB page. The vibrant colors and miniature figures are mesmerizing. My favorite is the miniature pottery collection and the curtain.

About Maati Crafts i their own words: Maati, meaning Earth stands for the essence of nature and earth that’s imbibed into all handmade crafts in India. A model for sustainable business and employment using natural materials and methods, ours is a call to a green way of living. The store is in Mumbai but they hold exhibitions at various cities.

Will keep you posted on what I pick up.

Image courtesy: Maati Crafts



  1. Oh.. I so love the miniature pots.. so so pretty!! I’d love to have a few of those… Hope you are doing well otherwise…

  2. Jayashree

    Thanks for the lovely mentions on your blog. Someone wrote to us yesterday mentioning about this blogpost. and I just happened to just check it now!

    Did you visit the Chitra Kala Parishath exhibition in Bangalore? You may not have found the cushions or the terracotta there. We usually have our textiles, weaves, hand blockprints and saree collection in the exhibitions – and not so much the home products. Do stay in touch with us on what you like. We would love to hear from you.

    Best Rgds

    maati crafts

  3. laksh

    You are welcome, Jayashree. No, I couldn’t go last time but will eagerly look forward to the next time you’re here, especially for the fabric and saree collection.

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