The trip to the eco-friendly Dune Hotel in Pondicherry was great despite the scorching sun. Memories of lazing around in the hammock, milking the cows, fighting out the rough sea unsuccessfully, seeing my holding a crab in his little palm, petting Nash, lugging ourselves on a bicycle, shooting balloons, playing bat and ball on the lawn, and seeing my son at the potter’s wheel to make a cute piggy bank will linger on forever.

A lot has been written about the hotel, a favorite place in Pondicherry among the design bloggers. So I’m not going to rave about it. Instead, here are some amazing ideas to reuse and recycle some common objects that I saw was being done at the hotel.

Ideas for recycling from Dune Hotel, Pondicherry

A cluster of plastic water bottles filled with color water circle a lamp to create a beautiful center lighting piece with a stunning effect.

This is a old Sintex water tank that has been painted to double up as a seating area and play area for kids.

For most of us who have grown up in water-scarce smaller towns, the plastic pots are not a novelty. So it was heartening to see the stacked pots with bulb inside light up a dark night.

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Plastic water pots – Exploring Serendipity


  1. I know..such simple ideas and it has never crossed our minds before ..would love to try the bottle lamp idea

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