Sometimes do you realise how fast the week flies? I’m glad this week will soon be over as it’s been filled with whirlwind travels and tragic news. So, shall we welcome the weekend on a positive note?

One of things I wanted to but couldn’t was visit the pottery studios in Pondicherry, the Golden Bridge pottery in particular. Glazed studio pottery in Southern India found its early origins in Pondicherry at Ray Meeker and Deborah’s Golden Bridge Pottery in Auroville. I enquired around as to how to reach but couldn’t find help.

If you look at many of the ceramicists and studio potters in India, you’d see they all have at some point been trained at the Golden Bridge. So if you want to learn pottery, you know where to go. I’m definitely going to do that in this lifetime :)

Today, I share with you the work, functional pottery specifically, of Ange Peter. Ange, says her website, moved to India when she was two and trained at the Golden Bridge Pottery briefly. I loved what I saw on her site and after seeing all the stoneware and ceramic ware being sold at Auroville (which were great by the way), I think her creations take a natural form and is simple and unique. The synthesis of shape and color in her pottery is what appealed to me.

After raving over her pottery, how I wish there was a way to order online or just make another trip.

Most of the pottery that I saw in Auroville boutiques and shops outside were large mugs and many with straw handles, the kind into which you could slip a stem of money plant and hang. What an easy way to instantly transform any kitchen.  So if you are a pottery fanatic like me, the next time you’re in town, go prepared to shop for a lot of pottery and get your directions before reaching town :)

Image courtesy: Forest Pottery

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