Storage: Boxes from Bigso

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I hope it’s bright and sunny in the part of the world where you live in. Here, in Bangalore, there is an overcast for the past couple of days, but no rain in sight. But that doesn’t deter us from camping out on weekends, does it?

How and where do you store important bills? Do you have any ideas for stashing away wires and cords of the zillion digital devices that occupy our lives – from Kindle and Kinect to Creative and iPad? How about the knick-kanck in your kids room such as crayons, poster colors and chalk pieces?And, how about those bands and clips in rainbow colors in your dresser?

Over the years, I’ve used a combination of things for storage that’s recyclable and not ugly in presentation ranging from color paper-wrapped shoe boxes to colorful straw boxes. We have a habit of filing telephone, electricity and water bills upto 6 months in a file, and bills for all the other big purchases such as TV, music systems, fridge in a another folder.  The wires go in two cupboard drawers. Though the files and boxhttps://dressyourhome.in/wp-admin/post-new.phpes are neatly labeled, it’s not a IKEA kinda pretty storage. And, with a overdose of color, I’m getting tired of the straw boxes; it’s just personal and a longing for monochromes.

So, during a weekend visit to HomeTown, when I saw the Bigso boxes near the checkout counter, I was floored. Nothing fancy. They are your ordinary cardboard boxes with a sleek pullout handle that can be stacked vertically to created organized storage. Nothing sophisticated, yet makes you want to have it.

Available in various shapes and sizes and primarily in black and white, these no-frills boxes are made of paper laminate and recycled fibre board. The single boxes were priced at Rs. 349. If you are creative, maybe you can even make one. So, here’s a good start to clean and organized closet.

Image courtesy: Bigso box of Sweden


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