Gardening: Landscaping ideas from Green Grower

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For all us avid gardeners, a trip to Green Grower in Bandra should be akin to a visit to heaven. From landscaping ideas for your balcony and garden to how to mix-n-match plants and what plants would make for a great gift, you’ll find it all.  Started in 1998 by horticulturist N.S.Rao, the facility is supported by 25-acre nursery housing over 1000 varieties of plants in Karjat.

This tea pot will make you think twice before you cast away that old ceramic tea pot next time.

Colorful froggy and elephant planters in natural colors.

For more ideas, stop by Green Grower

Image courtesy: Green Grower


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  1. Beautiful… … Love the ceramic animals…. I would love to incorporate a few of these ideas in my small balcony garden… Thanks for sharing

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