Bone China from Jaipur Ceramics

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For a few years during my childhood, we stayed in a remote place 40 kilometers away from Gulbarga, in northern Karnataka. The only outing was a trip t the city once a month. And during the monsoon, the rains ruined even that as the water flowed well above the bridge across Kagna river, thereby disrupting all means of transportation to the city from surrounding villages.

One of the reasons my brother and I loved going to Gulbarga was a chance to eat at Kamat restaurant. I fondly remember tea being served in pristine white cups, with no frills or fancy designs.  We have come a long way, but my memory of good bone china always go back to those humble beginnings.

A few weeks back, when we dined at Pondicherry at this restaurant called Cinnamon (you should check it out if you happen to be there – delicious food with an unbeatable home-made taste), chai was served in round-base clear white tea cups. And my love for the tea cups rekindled. Coincidentally, I found similar designs on the racks of Home Town and wasted no time in getting some home. I have to admit that I’ve never seen the kind all these years at any retain outlets as there are common only with commercial establishments. It turned out the ones I picked up at Home Town are made by Jaipur Ceramics, and they have a impressive product portfolio.

True, contemporary doesn’t have to be boring. A simple, curvy line can make all the difference. Black combined in the right proportions with white always creates magic.  My heart goes out to trendy designs in monochrome colors these days, preferably in white. Maybe I’m going thr a period of color detox now.

Image courtesy: Jaipur Ceramics


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