Ever had Cardamom souffle? No? Neither have I. But, there’s a place in Kerala called Paradisa Retreat, a spice and cardamom plantation to be precise, where you can taste the souffle while enjying the breathtaking view of the mountains. Saw this place on Vir Sanghvi’s Custom made program and enjoyed it.

It’s a long weekend here for most of us in south India.  This post is out of context of the topics usually written on this blog. But, if you’re not particularly religious and wondering what to do, a trip to the hills is not such a bad idea provided it’s not pouring.

Never miss an opportunity to look for interior ideas :) The red oxide floor and pillars go well together to give the traditional house look. If you are wondering where to get the pillars from, you could try Pondicherry. There are hundreds of shops along the beach road that have pillars dismantled from olden houses. Bargain hard and you would be surprised to get the antique look at a reasonable price.

Simple pleasures of life that a city life lacks : rain water dripping from a sloping thatched roof. Irony, but we pay so much to get close to the nature. Wouldn’t it be simpler to move to a smaller town like this?

Have a great weekend. See you next week.

Image courtesy: Paradisa

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