Start Your Kitchen Garden Today

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This past Sunday was World Kitchen Gardener Day. Never knew they had a day like that. Wow! It can work wonders for a garden aficionado like me to indulge in pictures of herb gardens from around the world and get hands dirty.

Imagine. Herbs like betel leaves, basil and ajwain from your own balcony to soothe your sore throat. Dhania to garnish the tomato and basil salad. And some hot chillis again from the pots to add spice to your life. Right now, the plants in my balcony are capable of doing just these.

The idea of eating fresh, pesticide-free produce as good looking as this gives me goose bumps.

If you haven’t started your own garden yet, then get inspired now. All it takes is a pot, fertile soil and a tomato or a few dhania seeds and loads of enthusiasm :)  Cut open a tomato, leave the seeds in the pt and watch it sprout in a couple of days. Plant one sapling per pot after it has reached a height of 2 to 3 inches. Once it starts growing, you can give it support as shown in the pic above. You should have your first produce in 100 days and I can assure you there’s nothing to beat that sense of achievement and happiness when you pick these deep red tomatoes and place it on your dining table.

It’s time to end the post with pictures of my pots. I had one cute little lady’s finger coming in one of my pots that got accidentally replaced when I took it for re-potting. My son was tracking its progress literally every single morning. Now I have betel leaves,  ajwain, chilli, tomato, basil, turmeric and coriander. The Coriander is actually growing in a hanging pot.

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