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Would you ever imagine that there is a wall-to-wall storage hidden behind the image of a street in Europe (ref: image above)?

I didn’t. So don’t take it to heart if you didn’t. It’s so brilliantly concealed and there are many such surprises around every corner of this 4-bedroom luxury Mumbai apartment designed by Anushka Contractor for a family of three.

It’s a whole package that is tough to be boxed into one particular style: it has touches of contemporary elements, a dash of ethnicity, a stroke of modernism when it comes to furniture, an evolved taste for art, and a brilliant balance of soft + bold color palette.

About the project:

Who lives here: A family of three comprising the son and his elderly parents

Location: Mumbai

Year built: 2019

Size: 2064 sq.ft.

Type: Apartment comprising 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 1 powder room

Designed by: Anushka Contractor

Photograph courtesy for the images: Photographix, Ira Gosalia

Budget: 60 lakhs

The brief was to have a contemporary luxe home with a touch of ethnicity.

The clients wanted each space to express a different story as per their usability and living. They were open to experimentation and gave the designers the freedom to design, Their only requirement was to create areas to display many of their existing artefacts. This was a semi-designed apartment from the builder and the scope did not include the bathrooms and kitchen. The existing muted marble flooring was retained as is, but the lighting system was changed completely.

Anushka on what she loved about the project and the challenges that came with it:

The striking wall feature of a beautiful 20 mm thick marble which looked like an art by itself. This project has 10 different color paints which we have experimented with. Yes, I am very proud of this project as its very different from the others I’ve completed. 

It gets challenging to work over a builder ready home, as we aren’t well-versed with the installations and quality carried out by them. We need to survey & analyse each and every material & the concealed fitting used in the space so we don’t face any hiccups while designing and execution.

Convincing clients to play with the bold pop colours and experimenting with an asymmetrical furniture setup in their spaces is a good challenge.

The blue wall complements the blue marble.

Living + Dining

The living room boasts of an earthy color palette like browns, tans, blues, greys with contrasting patterned rugs. The adjacent long wall features the Lusso Macchiato marble installed in a unique design slanting as a wall art with a sleek long wooden ledge to display the client’s existing collection of artefacts and other décor items.

Many custom designed furniture pieces come together for seating in this area. The dining area has a touch of luxe with a combination of gold, white and black elements in moderation.

A 20 mm thick  Lusso Macchiato marble resting on the wall acts as a feature and artwork in itself. The beautiful patterns and colors inherent in the stone livens up the room giving it a modern touch.


Master bedroom

The Master bedroom is subtle with fresh mints and creams with soft gold & wood hints in a contemporary classic fusion design language. The room is furnished with tropical prints as the couple have a strong affinity to plants and other green elements.

Man Cave

The bachelor’s room has a strong industrial design to it with pops of colours. He is a collector of many quirky figurines, souvenirs and other such fun items when he travels. The modular wall system is designed with a folding desk in matt black finish.

Guest bedroom:

The guest bedroom was designed ideally for the older brother’s family. His wife liked colours of pinks, lilacs, mauves etc. Hence, we created an English style pleasant to look palette complimenting with whites and other floral colourful elements.

Guest bedroom gets a feminine touch with a liberal usage of pinks, lilacs, and mauves.

Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room on the opposite side was mainly for entertainment and served as an additional guest room.

The multipurpose room is furnished with a dark blue sofa that goes well with the accent wall in a matching color and a show stopping red armchair. A small book shelf sits in one corner.
The striking red chair is the showstopper of this space.


A simple wooden main door opens into the blue wall with a marble console in front of it in an entry foyer with a full hidden shoe storage on the right paneled with a warm tone image of a street situated in a European country.

The foyer opens up into the living area with a long wall on the left featuring a Lusso Macchiato marble installed in a unique design slanting as a wall art with a sleek long wooden ledge to display the client’s existing collection of artefacts and other décor items.

On the right, an earthy colour palette like browns, tans, blues, greys contrasting with patterned monotone rugs, we have sourced and custom-designed many loose furniture pieces.

The dining area is part of the living area which has a touch of lux with a combination of gold and white with breaks of black elements. Adjoining the living and dining space on the right is the long balcony with a green wall panel on both ends with additional outdoor plants. The feature wall ledge on the left ends with a stand-alone out-sourced bar cabinet.

Moving ahead towards the hallway, it has a warm feel with soft lights highlighting the walls of modern art frames. The kitchen is on the left and on the right is a space for a temple created for the elderly parents to perform their daily prayers.


Flooring: Marble

Living room:

Martina SS Sofa in Scandinavia max leather from Stanley.

Piper 3 Seater sofa in Austria Light Grey from Blueloft.

The two Drum Armchairs in Cotton Navy from Blueloft.

Entrance console – White marble brass from Wooden it be nice

Small table and End tables – Ebisu table from Urban ladder

Living room coffee table – Contemporary dual coffee table from Wooden it be nice

Floor lamp – Sole floor lamp from Hatsu

Rug – From Pepperfry

Featured wall marble – Lusso Macchiato marble from The Quarry Gallery

Cushions – from Addresshome, Tehueti, Fennel Luxury Home Décor, Pepperfry


Bar – Sky Home Bar From Made with Spin

Hanging lamp near bar – Muse pendant light from White teak

Dining table – from Bent chair

Dining chairs – from Iaah

Black hanging lamp – from Jainsons Emporio


Guest bedroom – Furniture from Urban ladder, Décor plates collage on wall from Mora Taara &

Cyahi, Rug from Amazon, Cushions – from Cottons and Satins.

Bed runner – from Indiacircus, Table lamps – from Orange tree 

Multi-purpose room – Armchair from Afydecor, Chair from Urban ladder, Bookshelf from Wooden Street, Coffee table – from Freedom tree.

Cushions – from Cottons and Satins and Freedom tree.

Bachelor’s bedroom – Cushions – from Freedom tree, Chris Recliner with Ottoman – from Blue

loft, Rug – from Borderline studio, Chair from Urban ladder, Floor lamp – from Pepperfry, Table

lamp – from Tranceforme, Black chandelier – from The Black Steel, Small table – from Urban

ladder, Bedside tables – from Rajtai Shree, Black matt modular unit – from Fuzzie couch

Master bedroom – Bed – from Fuzzie couch, Hanging lamps – from Pepperfry, Cushions – from

Cottons and Satins, Chairs – from Urban ladder.

Bedding sets – Ddecor

Curtains fabrics from Foam palace.

All modern artworks – from Calcuttan

All colourful knobs – from Indian Shelf

Tiles throughout the house: Existing marble flooring

Paint: Asian paints

Plants – from Passion Green

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