We are all back to work after a long, long weekend.

As I get ready to paint the house later this month when the rest of the family would be away for a week, I’m exploring my options. Just thinking of getting one of the outer walls stenciled in a flower pattern. What do you think? Have you stenciled any of your walls? If so, how did you do it and where did you get the stencils from?

I love the stenciled pattern on the shower curtain.

From butterflies to flowers and polka dots and paisleys, the choices are unlimited.

I came across only two providers so far – J Creations and Craftboxindia. If you know of any, please do leave a comment.

Image courtesy:

Grey and pewter bathroom (update: broken link now, hence removed)

Bathroom stencils (images 2 and 3) Home Goods


  1. I am sorry – I dont know any providers. I just kept looking at the pics with the patterns

  2. laksh

    Oh really? I was there this time. You mean the stenciled patterns or the stencils itself?

  3. Stencils! let me try & get the vendor details in net ffor you!

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