This is a curation of corporate gift ideas for employees and clients alike from 61c.

My love for white walls and decorating in colors continues. I doubt if this beautiful, colorful frame would look  this good on any other accent wall. And the best part is you can let your imagination run free and do it yourself.

All you would need is a framed canvas and an uninhibited mind that isn’t overworking the colors and patterns. Have you seen that ad (is it for a car?) where an artist makes random patterns by dipping his hands in pots of paint, and the result is marvelous?

Corporate Gift Ideas from 61c

But, for a sophisticated, neat piece of art with a three-dimensional look, the ones from 61c fit the bill. Totally. I first stumbled upon their work in an issue of GoodHomes and promptly wrote to them.  Their site is up and the pictures are absolutely stunning.

Doesn’t it really transport you back to childhood when kaleidoscope was a fanciful object? It doesn’t take much to bring that magic int your home – all it takes is this piece of art.

I was too much into geometrical shapes as a kid, and would love making intricate patterns that ran deep and color them, just like the ones below,  as part of my coloring class. That’s perhaps what drew me to these.

Stationery, Notepads & Cards

Check out their other offerings as well such as gift bags, stationery, notepads, and cards.

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First image from GoodHomes Romania

Remaining from 61c

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