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There are quite a few of you out there who have written to me recently asking for recommendations of ready-to-move in properties. As a buyer, this “find-a-new-home” project is one that sucks the time, energy and miles out of home chasers, testing their patience and perseverance, and proves as an acid test to see if the money they have been saving for their dream home will be sufficient. And, people who are in the house hunting process will agree with me when I say that even the most amicable couples end up having long drawn arguments over the kind of house…

Continuing with the House Hunt series, today I review Birla Apple Aroma which is in the pre-launch stage. It is interesting to see how innovative builders are getting in the pre-launch phase to make it lucrative for buyers. This one caught my attention as the pre-launch of 48 units is done on auctions on Magicbricks. About the property: Name of the property: Birla Apple Aroma Location: JP Nagar Possession: 2018 More details on location and the amenities available: Birla Apple Spire  About the auction: Number of units available on auction: a total of 48 units comprising 8 units each of 2.5 BHK (1345…

sun villas

How about a house with your own private pool at the cost of a row house in Whitefield?

In Bangalore? Of course.

I’m covering two projects today as they are located adjacent to each other, off Budigere Cross (it is about 11 Kms from the KR Puram Hanging Bridge leading to Old Madras Road). It is close to the intersection of the Whitefield Road and Old Madras NH. A lot of new, large projects are coming up in the vicinity such as Prestige Tranquility, Brigade Exotica, Pashmina Waterfront and such..

GR Sun Villas

Property Details

172 villas in 20 acres of land ranging from 2,400 sq. ft to 4,000 sq. ft

Many people have moved in. Some are ready for interiors.

What I liked about GR Sun Villas:

GR Sun Villas

  • The plan was good overall.
  • I was floored by Villa Helios. At the same price, you would perhaps get a 3,000 sq. ft row house along the Whitefield Road minus the private pool. This is besides the point that I wouldn’t know what to do in such a big house.

In this post, I analyse and review if you should consider buying a row house in Renaissance Nature Walk. Continuing with the House Hunt series, today I present to you one of our ah! moments. One where space is the king. One where light rules, and flows in unhindered. One where you can spread a chataai on the terrace and gaze at the stars without the exhaust smoke choking your lungs. One where you can indulge in a hobby. One where you can take a walk every evening without watching your step for stepping over trash. One where there is a…

In this concluding part on the Apartment Hunt series, let’s take a look at some new completed and just-launched  properties from a two-tier builders.


Renaissance Rainbow – Brookefields

Renaissance Rainbow is located opposite to the Gopalan property and adjacent to Knightsbridge apartments on the Brookefields main road. Renaissance builders have to their credit completed a dozen residential projects in Bangalore since 1998.  Rainbow has a good floor plan. The attraction of the 3 BHK apartment I saw was its huge french window, a spacious balcony, and full-length windows in the master and kids bedroom that overlook the Knightsbridge property. The huge windows bring in a lot of light and air into the apartment resulting in a overall good feeling. With a thoughtfully placed utility accessible from the kitchen, it’s reasonably priced at Rs. 55 L.


The only downside was the amenities are far from done and there is little space for kids to play around as the car park is at ground level. The land comprising the entrance to the property is not owned by the builder. He seems to have an agreement with the other owner for the only access to Rainbow. People have already moved in but there are a few apartments (the landowners share) that are up for sale.

Renaissance Jagriti – Varthur/Old Airport/Whitefield

Jagriti was executed in two phases  by Renaissance. Though the website says the apartment was completed in 2009, work is still going on. As I remember, the common amenities were not yet done. Phase 1 has a good occupancy level. I happened to look at a penthouse in phase I with interiors done but never lived in. It was tough to get a sense of how you would live in the duplex house. It appeared as if the architect was playing a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit in the rooms, kitchen, and living area together in the  best possible way.  A huge open terrace and a master bedroom the size of half a football field just added to the drama.

I came back impressed only with the skylight in the bathroom and above the stairs leading up to the first floor level. In Rs.77 Lakhs for a 2000+ sq. ft space, it’s worth a miss.This apartment, in fact, is a good example of how not to get swayed by model apartments.

DSR Elite – off Outer Ring Road

DSR Elite

Good Morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a wonderful one that took me to the interiors of Shivaji Nagar on Saturday and to the picturesque vineyards off Yelahanka on Sunday. I came back from Shivaji Nagar with stems of my favorite flower – the fragrant Rajnigandha and a huge basket of black grapes from Rajanakunte.

I’m kicking off this week with the second edition in the 3-part Apartment Hunt series. Today I’ll take you to Spectra Cypress, Veracious Landsdale and Gopalan Splendour.

Spectra Cypress on Varthur Road

This building under construction is hard to miss on the Varthur main road. Located on the main road next to Food Zone after you cross the Kundahalli signal on the left, it’s close to the school zone and other conveniences such as grocery, bus stop, libraries, malls and hospitals. I have to admit that this is the first property where I was floored by the model apartment. A well laid out floor plan with a cosy living room, a dining room that opens into a kitchen with an attached utility area and living quarters for your staff, spacious bed rooms, a detached guest bed room – there’s little to complain about. Ofcourse, except the price.

The 88 L + registration charges baffled me. Nearly 16 lakhs goes towards the extras, which I think is pretty steep. Launched in 2008, the project has taken its own sweet time to come to this stage. It’ll easily take 6 months to an year before all the   amenities start functioning and the property is fully occupied.

The builder boasts of a vertical garden wall and rooftop garden  among other standard modern amenities. The builder is not a prominent one and has completed just one project prior to this one in Bangalore.  The project gets all brownie points for its location, but is a dampener on all other counts (delivery, execution, price).

Cypress Living Room


Weekend is here. Yay! What are your plans? We have a few site visits lined up for Sunday.

Since March, we’ve clocked hundreds of miles, numerous nights on the laptop browsing through craigslist, Saturday mornings on the phone with brokers/builders and several hours on the road in our search to find the perfect apartment. A second home. As with any home buyer, three criterion have always stayed on top of the list: location, price, and plan, in no particular order. And, if we have rejected a project, it’s primarily because we couldn’t compromise on one of these. Our hunt has taken us as far as Anekal in South-east to Dodaballapur in North-west.

This series on Apartment Hunting is a slight deviation from the concept of this blog, which is interiors and dressing up one’s apartment or house. But, you know what, the marketing managers of every project we’ve visited till date have been super busy. With an overwhelming number of prospective buyers crowding the market, I believe there is a renewed interest in investing in a property. So, I feel, you as my readers, may benefit if you are planning to buy an apartment. I will list out all the new/resale apartments in this three part series that we’ve seen in no particular order.

A caveat before I dig deeper: I’m not a broker, not associated with any builder, and neither do I get any commission for this free advertising. If you have any queries regarding a project, please contact the builder/broker.

All the apartments are located in Bangalore East between Marathahalli and Whitefield. They are 3-BHKs priced between 55 Lakhs and 80 Lakhs. Come, join me on this virtual apartment hunt!

Let’s begin with Esperenza by UKN.

All the apartments have been sold by the builder. However, there are a few which are not yet registered and are available as is (without any interiors or wood work done). The downside is there is little scope for structural modifications now. The row house project is currently going on.

We did not see the model apartment, so it was easy to judge. Model apartments make the decision tough as the interiors hide the otherwise obvious flaw in a plan. It’s difficult to visualise  your stuff in a done-up apartment. When you’ve purchased one, it’s a different story, as model apartments can give you ideas.

Living-dining in Esperenza

Continuing with my series on financial awareness, this post is all you need to be wise about when and how to apply for home loans, take advantage of the movement in interest rates, and keep your spending in check. So, shall we get you one step closer to moving into your dream home? As I sit in my home office and look out the window, I see a couple in their late 30s, prospective home owners touring an adjoining house for sale. When I see this couple, it takes me back to our fortuitous moment one Sunday evening four years ago when…

I’m starting the house hunt series with apartments in East Bangalore, primarily around the Whitefield, Hoodi, and Old Madras area. Let’s start with Casagrand Royce, a 277-apartment spread over 6 towers coming up off Hoodi. Name of the property: Casagrand Royce Builder: Casagrand Location: Off Hoodi Junction. Precisely, on Kodigehalli Main Road, KR Puram, Bangalore. Though the address comes under KR Puram, it is closer to Hoodi Junction. Total area: 4.05 acres Type of units: 1,2,3 and 4 BHK apartment in many variants. Each of these have an option with a private terrace. Total number of units: 277 Status: under…

Owning a house was THE goal after kids’ education and wedding for our parents’ generation. That is slowly changing now with most of us getting an apartment in early 20s. Signing on the dotted line in the agreement should bring happiness. Ads show images of folks like us sitting on the balcony/lawn sipping tea leisurely flipping through the pages of newspaper. Often, they are flanked by manicured lawns, a blooming garden and children playing carefree on wide roads. How far from reality! Making the decision took us months after an exhausting house hunt. And when we made the decision, we…