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how to critique a house plan


What’s in a house plan, you may ask? It was the make or break point for me. When we were looking at houses, we would insist on seeing the plan before we planned to visit personally. There are certain small changes you can do in any plan such as combining a servant room with the kitchen, or including a balcony, or having two access points for a room. But, if the plan is inefficient in its usage of space and does not flow naturally, then there is no merit in visiting th place. Saves a lot of time and this…

This is the concluding part of the House Hunt series I started last year when we were in the market to look for new apartments/villas in East Bangalore. I reviewed a few homes we visited; it sparked a lot of enthusiasm among readers. But, it was taking forever for me to review one by one. So, I figured the easiest way would be to condense the over 30+ houses we must have seen in a single post with my comments. This should give a fair idea  of the houses in the market.

Before you read any further, here is a brief snapshot of the criteria for our shortlist:

  • Location: East Bangalore covering these areas: Sarjapur Road, Gunjur, Varthur Road, Outer Ring Road from Sarjapur to Hebbal, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Hoodi, ITPL Road, KR Puram, AECS Layout, Thubarahalli, Old Madras Road.
  • Budget: 1.0 cr to 1.6 cr.
  • Type: 3 BHK apartment or villa over 2,000 sq. ft with a large balcony or terrace area.
  • Accessibility: close proximity to schools in Varthur road, outer ring road or Whitefield.
  • Plan: plan had to appeal to us before we visited any place. Look at how to critique a house plan or the vaastu aspects I’m particular about.

I visited NVT Life Square, a villa project by NVT Quality Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., this past weekend. It’s a project I’ve been meaning to see in person for long. The project has been in the limelight for receiving multiple awards as the most premium villa property, so it piqued my interest. This post is an objective review of the property from two perspectives: plan and location. I’ll not be getting into approval details, pricing etc. NVT Life Square is a villa project located about a Km off Four Points Sheraton, on the Whitefield Main Road. Project Details: Area: 5 acres…

Have you ever tried solving a 750-pieces or more jigsaw puzzle with a time limit? I have. Didn’t complete it, of course, within the time limit. Building a house is like a novice juggling 10 balls in the air, or solving a 1000-pc jigsaw puzzle. Just when you think you have everything figured out, there’s a whole new dimension that appears out of nowhere. This is a project that requires planning, budgeting, and an approach to implement it, much like any other project. With this post, I’m taking a step back to understand why you need or do not need…