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I want to look at some ethnic furniture, more British colonial style during my trip to India. Do you have a recommendation of any specific place in Bangalore? Of late. I am seeing so much of furniture in India everything from couches to recliners to chaises.. however those don't pull my strings. I have a longing to do our age old Indian style, more ethnic.
Posted by Lakshmi
Asked on 7:16 am

There are a couple of shops you can look at in Indira Nagar : Magari (it’s more clean lines in traditional design). If you want truly colonial style and a lot of accessories from the erstwhile era, go to this one — The Haveli on 17th Main. It’s opposite The Purple Turtle where again you may find something like old style wooden photo frames. Then there is Mirador close to Magari itself.

Posted by Lakshmi
Answered On 7:16 am