Home spic and span? Check. Bought diyas? Check.  Shopping? Check. Made sweets? Check.  Rangoli design? Check. Diwali menu? Check.

Somehow this Diwali doesn’t really feel like one for me. Maybe because it falls in the middle of the week, and most offices are off only tomorrow. So, there isn’t much activity in the sweet shops, or on the roads, in general, as compared to every year; at least where I live.

If you haven’t picked up flowers, or something nice to spruce up your decor, don’t fret. You can create one with the stuff from your kitchen and your backyard. Or, if you are all set and just browsing looking for some more inspiration, then here you go. Some fire play in water from Martha Stewart just for the big day.

Who says you need flowers? A handful of beans and candles are all you need to create a mesmerizing effect as this.

Floating candle centerpieces are easy to create but the effect is instantly magical.

I was happy to discover Swedish home fashion site SIA. As lovly as the products are, the site is also a mine of styling and home decor ideas that can be easily adapted here to up the glitz and glamour quotient this Diwali. From what kind of flowers will look good in what kind of vases as centerpieces to how to mix and match candles, you’ll find it all.

So, are you ready for some quick exploration?

If you have a silver jug, you could turn into a vase with two or three stems of scented flowers like Rajnigandha to bring richness.


Colored candled in a metallic container on a wooden table completes the picture.  A cluster like the one below, or even a single piece like this, coupled with some bright flowers will look attractive.

I saw a peacock feather inspired centerpiece and was floored by the vibrancy and the life the colors brought to the table. Not too many colors, but the color play from blue and green has a stunning effect over all against the dark wood table. It’s fresh, nothing like you’ve seen before. The silkiness of the fabrics, ribbons coordinate well with the peacock feathers. The simple white vase accentuates the beauty. Would you use this idea for your Diwali setting? Combine this with a few floating candles and the picture is perfect. Craving for more? Stay tuned for more styling ideas tomorrow. Pat: This is for you. I’m sure you loved it. Image courtesy: Love and weddings

Diwali is still more than a week away. But doesn’t it feel nice to get your lighting – diyas and tealights ready? I was thinking why not bring in more color with such hanging lanterns this year? I’ve got one red one hanging in my balcony along with my hanging planter. I’m thinking adding a couple more would make the balcony look stunning along with the diyas. What are your plans? Are you going completely traditional this year with just diyas, or do you intend to create some drama with the lights? Some places where you get such lanterns are The Bombay Store, fabindia, and Bliss. Image courtesy: Not on the high street Also check out fab and funky

I finally got around to uploading pictures taken during this Diwali. A few things about the festival never change. There’s the colorful kolam (rangoli), diyas in various sizes and shapes,  and flowers. I’ve never used candles to lit up the home before. This year, however, I lit a few scented candles on the dining table and on the center table in the living room. It was magical. So candles are going to be a fixture for every occasion from now on. And guess what, the ones I made at home burned longer than the store bought ones. More incentive to make those at home.

Here are a few pictures from my new Sony Cybershot camera:

Diwali is just a fortnight away. The excitement begins.. so does the preparations. I’ve been browsing the web to spot different ways to light candles. I share with you a few finds … The next one is a personal favorite..wonder where you get such bucket holders. And finally, we have a collection of candles hoisted on a multi-pin stand. Image Courtesy – Mark Scott Photography Multi-pin