If you thought choosing a wall paint color was overwhelming, think again. It took me two years to settle on a wallpaper that was within budget and in line with my aesthetics. In this post, I’ll go over how I picked a wallpaper for my bedroom and some curated picks from Nilaya by Asian Paints. This is NOT a sponsored post. (Do watch out for tips throughout the article for what dealers don’t tell you.) #1 Decide on texture or pattern If it’s an accent wall like one behind the sofa in the living room or behind the bed in the bedroom, a patterned wallpaper will look good; it has the potential to lift the look of the room without being garish. The pattern itself…

IC: This post is a collection of 12 pretty floral patterns in fabrics that feel good to wear and dress your home with this summer.  Mercury is soaring. It’s only 7:00 a.m. As I draw the curtains in my living room, it’s blinding with light from the morning sun streaming through the tall windows. The season of aam panna, chaach, and lemonade is here. As are chikans and something light and loose to wear. Well, how about the home: do you dress your home like you would dress yourself ? As much as I like the layers and cosiness of the winter, I love rusticity in summers — benches by the garden, floral fabrics for cushions and curtains, and white sheers lining the windows. One’s…

Tired of the old way of decorating home, searching hard but still not feeling elated? If hassle-free home makeover is your idea to breathe easy during this time, then, find out about a seamless way to decorate the beautiful abode. In other words, discover the beautiful world of Tangerine. Say yes! to the festive home feat in bright colour displays, fabric layovers to set the right tone and pace for season makeovers. You don’t need to think hard to be festive-ready this time. There is plenty to appear different this Diwali! There is so much on display in the malls or the beautiful home décor stores that it often makes us wonder, how will I be an exception this festive season around. Well, there…

Ah-choo, Ah-choo! Is it in the air, or are the allergens cocooned in your bed sheets? The bedroom is also your private sanctuary; one that must reflect your tastes; one where can you indulge in the pleasures of life; that one place where how you feel takes precedence over appearance. Yes, looks matter less as this space is not on display. It’s also that one place where you can loosen your purse strings to choose items that pamper your senses. Like good scented candles, a satin bedsheet, a beautiful throw. It’s a double whammy when the linen is non-allergenic and luxurious. And, the best things in life come at a price. Luxury is in the details after all. Indulgence is not a sin; Say hello…

This post is all about how to identify good bed linen, what to look for in best quality sheets, and where to buy them online. What is it that you look forward to in a vacation? It’s my turn now as I bare my priorities in front of all of you: a good hotel with the most awesome sheets and a Tata Sky connection. Throw in good food and we are the happiest customers you’ll find. Who cares about sightseeing! No, I’m not kidding. That pretty much sums up about what my husband+sun duo look for in a vacation. And I often joke, why don’t we go to the best hotel in town for a vacation then. I find myself turning the back of good sheets at…

Sleep. Blissful or evasive? What will one not give to get six hours of peaceful sleep? Ask those who go through bouts of insomnia. I am sleeping well, of late. Touch wood. This is a BIG deal; after months of staying up through the night staring at the ceiling, anxious to sleep at least for a little while, counting backwards through 1000, meditating, visualizing pleasant images, avoiding stimulating conversations and screen time before bedtime, and finally frustrated if I would be able to carry on with my day the next day! Hell, no. It wasn’t possible. I would feel groggy by 11 with an urge to nap through the working day. 5 Simple Changes That Helped Me sleep Better At Night I have made small changes and…

Do you love the city you live in now? Can you guess which city is featured in the image above? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your city? A few mornings ago, it was well before 6:00 a.m. I woke up to the loud chirping of birds; it was as if all of them congregated by the Eucalyptus trees overlooking our house and decided to have a happy conversation. A family function, perhaps I thought:)? This went on for a while, but I couldn’t complain for it was definitely sweeter than waking up to the blaring horns. I live in Bangalore; the city is not the same as it was two decades ago. Which city is? Snail-paced traffic,…

block print People are willing to go to great lengths to give their homes a unique look. Identical furniture, similar accessories have flooded the market. And the ease of buying them online means either your home looks like a page from a catalog or similar to dozens of other homes. Custom furnishings have the power to transform the looks of a home on a minimal budget while giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

This is what Vaaso does. I met the lovely ladies from Vaaso at Sampoorn Santhe held at Chitrakala Parishat a few weeks back. The stall stood out for its block printed fabrics in electrifying colors like fuchsia, cobalt blue. You know how some stalls draw the attention of passersby because there is someone bargaining hard and loud for something. That was the case here. There was this gentleman accompanied by his family bargaining hard for a block printed table lamp. Anyways, I was happy to have stopped by.

If there are two craft organisations I would love to have in Bangalore, then they have to be Craftmark and Dastkar. Dastkar, at least, has an annual exhibition in Bangalore. You know how it is – you are quickly scrolling through dozens of posts on FB (I returned after a long hiatus), and there are certain pictures that stand out. And then, it happens again after a few days. This is how I happened to check out Craftmark. Have you seen their 2014-15 catalogue? No, well, you should do now. You will be impressed by the attention to detail, an impeccable sense of styling, color psychology that plays to your senses and the wide variety of linen and fabrics from the breadths of this country.

Block printing, kantha stitches, silk cushions in fuchsia are all the rage. You seem these patterns and tradition being produced across brands. And when there is so much competition, it is tough to keep it simple and play with age-old designs. Yet, that is exactly what you see which makes it an instant winner.

Come on, immerse yourself in these images. I bet you will want to go over them a second time.

wood block printing

Hand block printed bedcover, paisley patterned cushions and silk patchwork throws. What more can one ask for?

OK. You are on Facebook. Tell me how often do you NOT click on that ad in the sidebar?

Even for someone with a strong resolve, it takes a lot to not get distracted.

Sometimes it’s the colorful styling. Sometimes it’s the teaser. Sometimes, it’s the price. Sometimes, it’s the name of the store that makes us curious (like Jabong was when it initially launched). Sometimes, it is the logo. Very rarely, is it a  need.

Oh there are zillions of stores. For everything under the sun. But, some stand out in the crowd. FB replies sometimes reveal so much about how a store is run and the person behind it: the warmth of the owner comes across in the choice of words, the transparency in sharing the knowledge about a product,  promptness in replying, humor ….

It’s not often that I reach out to someone to write about them. And let’s be honest, not every time that I want to contact a store, I’m able to reach out to them easily.

Meghaavi stood out from the crowd. I loved the logo. Jaya is the face behind Meghaavi, a fine home linen and furnishings store in Bangalore for the discerning buyer. I reached out to her on Thursday, and here we are with a post four days later.

Meghaavi Store

bed sheets

Here I’m picking on her brains to understand how she conceived the idea and what it takes to run the store.

1. How did you conceive the idea of the store?

Jaya says, “I am from an IT background. After quitting my last job, I was looking to change my career and do something creative. Whenever I looked at home furnishings in stores, I either found them lacking in quality and finish or too expensive. After having lived in the US for many years, I had become used to quality at an affordable price and felt that this segment was missing in the Indian market.”

2. One customer story that has reaffirmed your conviction in starting the store?
Jaya confidently recounts, “ There is not one story but many. And all of them relate to the customizations that have now become a big part of the business. I got four duvet covers made for my neighbour and friend Smitha who told me that the duvet covers available in the market were limited in design and that I should fill that gap. Or the baby basket that I designed for a friend’s sister’s grandchild with something old from the grandmother and a few things new designed by me. Or the table runners recently designed by me for Diwali gifts suggested by my friends Sharmila and Reshmi and bought by them as well.