Today, I share with you another great find – The Mansion. The Mansion is a Delhi-based home linen and accessories store founded in 2009. In their words, ” it started by challenging conventional practices and by fusing global attributes into the Indian traditional craftsmanship to come up with a unique and heartfelt sensibility which reflects contemporary India.” The sensibility is evident in their collections – be it the harmony of colors in the Kathahakali collection or the vibrant use of colors and patterns in Madhubani-inspired ones.

Hello  everyone! Hope you are having a Happy Monday! Before I begin, I’m really really curious to know if you have heard of Kawandi quilts? Yes, let me know when , where, how in the comments.

This is how it all began for me : as many of you know, we live in Bangalore which is known for its good weather – not too hot, not too cold and pleasant most of the year. It gets cold only for about 15-20 days from mid-December to early January when one needs a heavy comforter. The rest of the year, it stays packed inside. I was looking for a cotton quilt for my son. After doing rounds of the usual suspects from Portico to Bombay Dyeing, I decided to explore handmade ones.  One thing led to another and that’s how I discovered the beautiful Kawandi quilts.

It’s like being made in your own backyard and you haven’t heard of it. It was a rude shock to me and it was really hard to find any mention of it in the local media. However, I do remember mention of the Siddi community when Obama was being sworn in. The international media has ample coverage on these quilts.

Kawandi quilts are patchwork quilts made by Siddi women of Karnataka in villages close to the Western Ghats, bordering Goa. They are made by hand from recycled fabrics and colorful – totally in my league! I’m not really sure how you can buy them in India without making a trip to the Ghats which is not a bad idea :) But, if you happen to live in Australia, then you can bag them from Sally Campbell.

Hello everyone! Happy Eid. How are you all doing? Is it a long weekend for you? Schools and many offices in Bangalore closed today. Next week again will be long weekend starting Thursday for Independence day. It will also mark the end of sale season and brisk shopping as the festive season kick starts. I had a lot of fun putting together this week’s picks from FabFurnish. Never realised they had so much to offer in the home decor section. Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. 1. Zebra pattern cushion for Rs.253 from Swayam 2. Colorful 1 litre bottle for Rs. 385 3. A classy glass jar for Rs.125 from Bormioli Rocco 4. Cottage sugar pot and creamer for Rs.405 5. Small grey bowl for Rs.350…

What does it take to transform the look of a home in less than 30 minutes? Any home décor site will preach the same mantra in different words: bring out the silk cushion covers, add a few throws to the sofa, change the curtains, light a few candles, and make the bed with the finest linen you own.  There you go, no secret after all, huh? Yes, new upholstery in rich colors is all it takes to turn on the magic.

I went looking for what’s hot this festive season. Two stores that caught my fancy are Zara (site defunct now) and Good Earth.

What I liked about Zara:

The embroidered with minute detailing, the liberal use of contrasting colors, and the sequined red cushion with the rich look. Don’t you think the red cushions will look great on a white/cream colored sofa?

I found it highly irresistible to share my find here – cribcandy. The site has a lot of good stuff to bookmark but what caught my eye were the quirky cushions; call it an obsession with cushions :) One look at these and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. The site is a time waster. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you :)

Know your geography

Sometimes I think the best things in the world are handmade; Shades of India reaffirmed the belief.  It was a pleasure to discover the Noida-based home fashion store that  supplies to leading international retailers around the world including Selfridges, Heals, and Harrods in London, ABC and Barneys in New York. What sets them apart is the hand oven textile using fine silks, cottons, and fabrics. Shades of India is quite discreet about its collections. Despite registering, I’ve not been able to gain access to their website and take a peek into their 2009 collections. I share some of my favorite cushions from their latest range: As with all things hand or custom made, the collection is quite pricey as they are primarily meant for international…