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  1. kiranmayi

    My queries..
    1. I am very fond of dokra panels.. want to use them for my sofa sets. can u pls guide me on how to go about this
    2. Tips to revamp my wrought iron furniture

  2. kamal basu

    we are planning makeover for our home garden with beds of flowers, vegetables and herbs.we would like to visit your nursery sometime next week.


    I am interested in wall decoration stands for keeping plants. Where i get them.


    I have about 500 sft open land in my compound. Interested in going for decoration plants, flowering plants and vegetables. I did tried previously but the plants are dying and not growing. What to do to upkeep
    the plants and what manure i should use. I am interested in growing in pots only. Please guide.

  5. laksh

    Terala, that’s a good enough space you have got. Plan your garden in such a way that flowering plants and vegetables are where you get ample sunlight. Ideally, you would want flowering plants near the front of the house or where they can be seen.
    A few critical factors that you can pay attention to: sunlight, quality of soil, watering (over and under watering are bad for plants), and manure.

    Start small – may be 2 flowering plants and simple vegetables like chilli, tomato and beans. See how the plants do. This will encourage you to go for more pots. Hope this helps.

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