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  1. Hi , I would like to blog myself about crafts, is it possible ?

  2. soumen laha

    what is the price of that sofaset…/s512/Bamboo_Furniture.jpg

  3. Dear Dress Your Home administrators,

    I noticed that you use my picture of the Shogun Lamp on your site. In principle I don’t mind if you do, but I do object to the fact that you don’t credit me, or link back to my Flickr page. The image is of a piece of art in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC and they should be mentioned as well. Please rectify!!!

    Sincerely, Cornelis Verwaal

  4. laksh

    Hi Cornelis,

    I spotted those pictures in a last year’s edition of Elle Decor magazine. There was no mention of the photographer, so I didn’t give any credit to the images. I’ve now linked to your Flickr page. All images on this site are linked to the sources.

  5. We will be moving back to bangalore from dubai to our own lil home & would like to have a beautiful name plate for our flat, something artisitic terracota/clay/POP ..? Could you suggest a place or an idea? You blog is great and is very inspiring!

  6. It would be great if you can have a Q&A section in your blog.

    My question is, what is the best way to hang stuff on apartment walls with the least damage to the walls?

  7. laksh

    Rashmi: Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Shall work on including a weekly section devoted to Q&A.

    Coming back to your question, it depends on what you want to hang and how heavy it is. If it is something lighter like 10*12 photo frames, balloons, decoration hangings, then you can use any wall adhesive glue which peels off. One such is Blu-tack which should be available in Staples. 3M also has a similar wall adhesive but slightly more expensive than Blu-tack. after use, you can peel it off from the wall and re-use. There is absolutely no damage to the paint.

  8. Hi, I am in the process of designing our apartment. When it’s coming to our Puja room look, I am running out of ideas.I don’t want a traditional looking wooden puja room door. Do you know of any website where I can get some contemporary designs? Also, where did you find the moroccan style hanging lamps?

  9. y v s n murthy

    i want to paint house located in visakhapatnam. i am unable to deside what colours suit my home. please help us. my phone no. 9989901100. pl contact

  10. laksh

    Hi Sushma,

    May I ask which city you live in? If you happen to be in Bangalore, you can check Arya Bhangy.

  11. Hi The article on bathroom renovation was good and informative. I would like to do th same for my flat in Bangalore. Any pointers to who should I contact to get an estimate and get the the work done well.

  12. Hello Lakshmi,

    I stumbled upon your website when i was googling about balcony gardening. Its a very good website with lots of info relating to home improvement, decor etc.. :) I’m sure your website’s going to be on my fav list… Great job

  13. laksh

    Welcome to dress your home, Priya. Thanks for your kind words.

  14. I m looking for a good interiors who can do my kids room in a best way i bought an apartment space is little plz do a need full work to home as my dream home(9686656345)

  15. Reema Saravanan

    Hi Laksh,

    Puja Room is a compulsory room/corner in an Indian home, but till date I have not come across any article in any interion design magazines or blogs covering this. I have been planning to have a puja corner in my house since the last one year, I have several designs in my mind, but was looking for something different, and so googled around a bit, but nothing nice really caught my eye. I was wondering if you can do an article on Puja room in your blog.

    Also, i would like to feature my balcony garden in your blog. You can take a look at the pictures posted in my facebook account. You can search my profile as “Reema Saravanan” and take a look at “Greenery in my balcony” album.

    Thanks for taking time to read my email.
    Looking forward to your response.


  16. laksh

    Reema: Welcome here. Valid point on the puja room – will do. Loved your balcony. you do have a green thumb :)

  17. Hi,

    I am planning to decorate my daughter’s room, could you please suggest some wallpapers, murals ….I am planning to use pink colour for furniture and walls …

  18. laksh

    Vilas: Great. Is your daughter old enough to choose the color for herself? I meant does she like pink, or are you choosing for her? I’d suggest you search for “girl nursery” in You have tons of ideas from color neutral ones to totally pink. If she has some favorite characters, you could make the theme around it. I’d suggest don’t put something very permanent that cannot be changed easily sometime later.

  19. Padmapriya

    We are planning to paint our home. We want to consult a color expert who can assist us in choosing colors. Any idea whom shall we consult? I’m not sure about Asian paints color consultancy service. Pls, suggest.

  20. laksh

    Hi Padmapriya: With a bit of research online and the furniture you have at home, you can decide on the colors yourself. My experience with the Asian Paints people in deciding colors wasn’t quite great. They usually suggest the tried-and-tested safe colors such as blue or off-white for living and dining areas. More radical ones (per their taste) was a lilac for the bedrooms.

  21. vicky sharma

    i want spiderman wallpeper in my kids room 55sqft one roll

  22. Hi – I would like to buy wall mirror a really nice one… I checked some online sites but still not happy… Can u please suggest or some shops in Chennai

  23. I am currently residing in Bangalore. I went through your blog, found it very informative.

    Need guidance for custom made sofa making.

    It all started with refurbishing our current sofa. Its when we realized that at the cost of refurbishing the current sofa, we can even buy a new one!

    Hence, we are planning to make a custom built sofa from a sofa manufacturer.

    While doing our rnd for the same, we realised that there are so many sofa makers available and costs ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to more than Rs. 50,000/- for a 3+1+1 seater sofa.

    Few of the sofa makers have suggested neem wood for the sofa since it guards against termite and in general is good for long life of furniture. What do you suggest? Some manufacturers mentioned that the wood needed to be treated for longevity of the furniture.

    Currently, the guy I am speaking to has estimated the cost to Rs. 7500 per seat which includes the raw material and labour for (3+1+1) neem wood sofa.
    So roughly, he would charge us 5*7500 = Rs 37500 + fabric cost (18 mtrs) for the design we have chosen.

    My query is – How can one be sure of the estimated cost suggested by the sofa manufacturer. What are he prevailing rates in the market?

    Can you provide reference for a trustworthy manufacturer with good workmanship and is excellent at contemporary sofa designs.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. We are constructing a house need your suggestions for wall cladding

  25. laksh

    Nagaraj: For internal walls or external walls?

  26. kabar terbaru 2017

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

  27. Hi Lakshmi,
    I am planning to buy a TV unit and dining set , was looking at online options. Have you tried any online site for buying furniture ? Any suggestion?

  28. laksh

    Hi Poulami,

    TV unit, no I haven’t bought online because the dimensions and requirements don’t match often. Dining table, yes, I bought from insaraf but I wouldn’t recommend them at all. I had a bad experience and was delivered damaged products of both a king size bed and dining table. The layer of dining table is already peeling off. I have also bought multiple items from Urban Ladder and Pepperfry and found both of them to be good in terms of quality. You may want to try these for TV unit as well. Check out the yellodoorstore too. Haven’t personally bought but I like their designs.Hope this helps.

  29. chandra nath banerjee

    Hi Chandra Nath Banerjee here, I want some satyanashi plant for me can you tell me what will be price.

  30. laksh

    Hi Mr. Banerjee, I don’t sell plants here. You may want to check at your local nursery.

  31. Hi Lakshmi,

    Have gone through quite a few of your posts, quite informative & detailed. I’m going through the same phase of house hunting as you did a couple of years ago, albeit ours has lasted for 5 long years. We’re about to zero in on a property, was curious to know which one you chose finally as all conditions of location, layout & price seem to match. Would be great if you can mail the name of your current property. Thanks!

  32. Hi there ,
    I found your blog and am glad that I did….
    I d appreciate contacts of independent interior designers / final year architect students/ design students who would like to do a residential home in Bangalore.

  33. laksh

    Thank you for your kind words, Nandini. There are a few independent designers from Bangalote featured on the blog. Depends on your desihn aesthetics though as to what kind you want, and you can proceed from there.

  34. hello I want to know on which shop the ready made polish for wooden furniture will be aviable in KOTA (rajasthan). thanks

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