What’s in a house plan, you may ask? It was the make or break point for me. When we were looking at houses, we would insist on seeing the plan before we planned to visit personally. There are certain small changes you can do in any plan such as combining a servant room with the kitchen, or including a balcony, or having two access points for a room. But, if the plan is inefficient in its usage of space and does not flow naturally, then there is no merit in visiting th place. Saves a lot of time and this…

Thank you Sreeraghavi for writing with a practical concern. I’m humbled by your request. Sreeragahavi, a reader of this blog, wrote to me in July with a practical query, something that all of us as home owners at one point or the other grapple with:
We have recently purchased a 1585 sqft apartment and it is in construction phase. I would love you to write a post about practical tips to be considered during construction of apartment. The smallest things which we miss during the construction and later regret of thinking about them during construction.
When I was doing the house hunt series, this was the topic I was going to address the next. Better late than never as I get back to the topic.
A few caveats before I begin: I’m no expert in architecture/interiors either by work experience or education. The suggestions you see here are what I have seen at homes of family and friends.
  • Plan for the appliances you intend to keep in the utility – drier, washing machine, dishwasher and position the inlet/outlet pipes accordingly. 
wooden partition

Before I begin, a big thank you to all of you who have written in saying how much you are looking forward to this series. It’s your enthusiasm and encouragement that has kept me going. I haven’t been able to keep up with the pace of posts as much as I’d like to. There’s a huge backlog, but the good news is that I’ve scheduled 4 posts for the coming weeks. So, you’ll see at least one property review coming up every week. Keep your comments and e-mails rolling in. Nothing makes my day as much as hearing what you wonderful readers have to say!

Today, I take you to Assetz East Point – the most recent one we’ve been to – as recently as two weeks ago.

Property Details:

Location: Off the Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer ring Road. If you continue on the road down New Horizon Gurukul, Krishvi Gavakshi, it will lead you to this property – it’s probably a 1.5 Kms away. Adjacent to Adarsh Palm Retreat’s rear side entrance.

Other properties in the area: Adarsh Palm Retreat, Vaswani Reserve, Nitesh Cape Cod, Krishvi Gavakshi

Area: 7 acres. Three towers.

Total number of units: not sure/not mentioned

Type of units: 2 bed + study (1350 sq.ft), 3 BHK luxurious (1730 sq.ft), 3 BHK duplex (2179 sq. ft), and penthouse.

No. of balconies: all units have 2 balconies and a utility space. The duplex unit has a private terrace as well.

No. of bathrooms: 3 in the 3BHK and 2 in the 2 BHK

All units have an entrance and a foyer. Each floor has 2 apartments in the case of duplex with 2 lifts – one service elevator and one passenger (you’ll have to check again for the no. of apartments).

The clubhouse is standard with all amenities that are offered these days.

Availability: Only 2 units in the duplex are available, rest sold out. There are multiple units of 1,730 sq.ft still available.

Habitat Crest is located on the ITPL main road. We first looked at Habitat Crest sometime in February, and I loved the ground floor unit (the lower duplex) with its huge garden. What was more enticing is that the garden was accessible from both the kitchen and the dining.The property is structured as lower duplex, upper duplex and penthouse for each building. The upper duplex and penthouse have their respective garden areas in the terrace accessible from outside the house. The central courtyard is vehicle free and used for green spaces and walking. This is again a big plus for parents…

Availability: Two apartments left and a couple of villas What works: Location. About a Km from the Outer Ring Road (you can avoid the KR Puram Junction). Similarly, about a hundred meters away from the ITPL Main road. Very close to Phoenix Marketcity Mall. Price ( to an extent if you had booked a while earlier) What does not work: The plan. Entry for the private garden for the villas is only through the utility. The plan varies from one unit to the other. Some of them face the road. Noise from the factory behind the apartment – supposedly will…

sun villas

How about a house with your own private pool at the cost of a row house in Whitefield?

In Bangalore? Of course.

I’m covering two projects today as they are located adjacent to each other, off Budigere Cross (it is about 11 Kms from the KR Puram Hanging Bridge leading to Old Madras Road). It is close to the intersection of the Whitefield Road and Old Madras NH. A lot of new, large projects are coming up in the vicinity such as Prestige Tranquility, Brigade Exotica, Pashmina Waterfront and such..

GR Sun Villas

Property Details

172 villas in 20 acres of land ranging from 2,400 sq. ft to 4,000 sq. ft

Many people have moved in. Some are ready for interiors.

What I liked about GR Sun Villas:

GR Sun Villas

  • The plan was good overall.
  • I was floored by Villa Helios. At the same price, you would perhaps get a 3,000 sq. ft row house along the Whitefield Road minus the private pool. This is besides the point that I wouldn’t know what to do in such a big house.

urban woods

Can you imagine how thrilling it will be to play treasure hunt with your kids inside your home, every day?

With an added bonanza: you don’t have to step outside the home for a walk, or workout in the gym, and still get your daily share of exercise?

If you answered in the affirmative, you’ve found your dream home!

No pun intended. How you imagine your dream home to be, or what you buy because that fits your budget is personal to everyone. A home cannot be judged by its square footage, or how stacked it is. What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

This was the first house we visited. It is situated behind Brigade Metropolis with access from both the Whitefield Main road and Kundalahalli side. We were greeted to some pleasant awful smell of a dead dog the time we were at the property. My son nicknamed this property the Treasure Hunt.

Property Details (as provided by the builder):

No. of Units              :         62

Land Area                  :       3.1 acres

Built-Up Area           :      3315 to 3715 Sft

 Space Planning        :     4/5  Bed Rooms with attached bathrooms, Family area / Family Entertainment Area & Pvt.Terrace.

Amenities                  :       Spacious Club house consisting of Gym, Multi – Purpose hall, Swimming Pool & more.

Status                          :        Ready for interiors.

Quoted Price (pre-negotiation):  Rs. 1,74,09,012 for a 4 BHK 3,485 sq. ft all inclusive (registration, maintenance, BWSSB deposits) etc.

What I liked about Urban Woods:

  • Location: it’s easily accessible to ITPL, Kundanahalli, etc. In a city like Bangalore where you spend about 1.5 hrs on the road each way for a 15 Km drive,having a house at a great location can be a blessing. That is one thing we’ll be letting go when we move! Our current house is strategically located with literally a doorstep access to Volvo buses plying to Manyata, E-City, ITPL and the city.
  • Little scope for traffic right outside your doorstep. It’s tucked in away from the main road, while being accessible at the same time.

dream home

The right price (in today’s terms) was five years ago, but it wasn’t affordable then.

Admit it. That’s the dirty truth.

For most of us, living in our own home gives a sense of security.

But, dreaming of getting a spacious sunlit home like this one?

Snap out of it.

You and your spouse have been looking at potential houses to buy and move in, for months now. And, still looking.

You’re FRUSTRATED. You’re ANGRY. Because, the homes you like are out of reach.

Well, you are not alone. This is our story: three months ago,on one Saturday morning over a breakfast of poha and steaming ginger tea, the day the decision was made —- after weeks of  hesitation, talks with family, and finally the courage to let it go. The first home we had bought years ago was on the market for sale. There were two things on the shopping list: Iron 883  a Harley Davidson Fat Boy Special and a house (in the reverse order), and both could be ours if we stuck to the house budget strictly.

fat boy

Potential buyers come home, look at our home with awe, are generous with their appreciation of how well I’ve maintained our home, and we start thinking again about our decision!  But, there’s no going back now.

Wouldn’t it be a nice to live in a house designed to use all forms of energy (heat, water, light) in a optimal way? Ironically, nature’s free resources are the ones becoming scarce soon. Water is a precious commodity in Bangalore, not only during summer, but through out the year. Where else do you see tankers hog half the roads all day?

A few months back, we dropped by at the Zed Earth property on the outskirts of Bangalore, and all of us instantly fell in love with it. I happened to see the pictures again and wanted to share.  Zed Earth is developed by BCIL who are well known for their eco-friendly homes.  The model villa is so aesthetically designed that it is brimming with ideas to enhance storage and functionality. What I loved about the interiors was it was neither contemporary nor modern  but adopted the best of both the worlds.

I will tell you the truth: what appealed the most in this house even before we entered were a dozen pots with healthy vegetables: brinjal was in the flowering stage and yet another had a bunch of okra. You don’t see them here..maybe these pictures were staged for the shoot.

This is a guest post by Christina Johnson.

What are buyers looking for in a home?

1. Wide Open Spaces
Buyers no longer want homes or rental properties with separate spaces for different family functions. Now you’ll see, real estate professionals advising clients to create multipurpose spaces. Buyers will see how valuable and functional open areas are. In a family room, a media area, an office area and possibly a separate game room space would be the optimum arrangement for maximum functionality.

2. Keeping it Neutral
This is an essential aspect to creating a home. This allows your home to be attractive to many buyers, who are actually willing to pay more for a house with a neutral color palette. Don’t go painting everything beige – there are a so many beautiful modern neutrals. These colors add depth, character and intense interest to spaces without making them dull.

3. Up to date Kitchens
Updated kitchens give a fantastic return on your investment on your home Many buyers fall in love with homes based on the kitchen alone.  Most people congregate in kitchens at gatherings anyways, so buyers will envision their guests enjoying the space.