A quick little question that you have to answer without thinking too much. Ready? What was your last purchase for the home? The big couch, fancy dresser, or pretty mugs at an exhibition. For me, the cheer a big investment brings is short-lived, but the small indulgences keep the cheer flowing all year long. Don’t you think it’s the little, unexpected changes around the house that put a smile on everyone’s face? Like when you painted a wall, or changed the seating arrangement, or bought some bright cushions?   When my son gets back from school to see a new Pooh sticker on his door, or a Batman sketch on his side table, he is overjoyed. Last week, while cleaning his shelf, I found some wall vinyl stickers my brother had sent a year ago. It just lay there for I was in the search of a perfect wall and…

Are you constantly looking for ideas to spruce up your walls? Adding accessories to a wall, re-painting walls with themes, or hanging murals/artwork are some of the easiest ways to change the look of a room. My parents sent me two boxes of DIY wall art stickers in white and green colors. These are wood-based, primed decal like stickers that can glued on to a wall using any adhesive. I was contemplating where to put them up as the floral leaves would have been a perfect fit for the balcony, the space I love the most, but the hard exterior finish of the walls made it difficult to stick them on. So, I chose a bedroom wall instead.