Many of you e-mail me requesting quotation for your interior projects. I do not design or execute interiors.  The conversation then takes a natural turn asking if I could recommend someone in your city. I choose to feature only those designers or projects here that align with my design aesthetics. I must also point out that I have not done the due diligence of the ease of working with these designers. Interior design is a tricky, human-centric business. Pictures are one thing (the destination), but the journey will always be a mystery until you have experienced it yourself. One, where more often than not, deadlines are missed, tempers flare, and there is enough room for miscommunication and inflexibility. So, you should be incredibly lucky to have an understanding designer that delivers on time, and within budget. All the contact details of the designers featured here are usually given so you…

I have been a long time admirer of the clean, minimal look. And, I can only blame this fondness for a pared-down house on two things: one, it takes less time, effort, and money to maintain a minimal home, and two, there is no constant compulsion or confusion over what to buy to keep up with the trends and neighbors. In short, I have discovered over the years, that a minimal home is the secret to our stress-free lives, and the most preferred place to just be. In recent months, fewer knick-knacks has also helped me in combating dust mites and other allergy related issues of my son more effectively. If you have been a long time admirer of this look, but not sure how to tailor your home to this trend, this post will come to your rescue. Take cues from a step-by-step tour through four homes designed by Livspace to pull…

This post is sponsored by a deep cleaning company. A sparkling, shining bathroom is the mirror of a well-run home. It’s been a little over two years since we moved into the new home; the signs of wear and tear, ageing are beginning to show. The dirt accumulating along the grout lines, the stubborn build up of hard water stains or the faint water marks on the faucets narrate a story. They are what remains of the several evening soirees, casual tete-a-tetes over tea with the neighbors, and a house teeming with kids poring over board games in the summer.  Yes, while memories are made, immovable objects do take a hit. While we like to believe, that the most well-kept homes have a secret or two for how they are so immaculate all the time, the truth is it is hard work. Sure, I do have a trick or two…

Don’t you think “going green” has suddenly become so easy? I mean, with so many resources available and widespread awareness, it’s a lot more easier now to procure and nurture plants. I discovered Wingreens, an initiative by Anju Srivastava of Women’s Initative Network (WIN) that retails herbs and oxygenerator plants at malls.

You may already own some oxygen generating plants in your balcony garden without realizing that the greens are doing more good in cleaning up the air around you than you ever imagined.


The herbs come in fancy  planters, so no initial work is needed around them, if you are short on time. Just nurture them regularly by watering and ensuring they get ample sunlight. And see your dream of having a herb garden come true.