julienne peeler


It’s Friday night here. Bangalore starts getting hot post Pongal, but strangely, this year, it has got cold over the past 3-4 days – just when I had sunned the quilts and warmers, ¬†and tucked them away neatly until next winter. Well, so are the ways of the weather. The chill has also got us craving for hot and comforting food again. Many days you are excited about spending hours in the kitchen dishing out fancy recipes from far away lands with your young chef at home in tow for company. And then, there are days like today when rolling out half a dozen phulkas seems like a humongous chore.

It’s on days like today that a few fancy helpers in the kitchen serve as the right accessories to pep up momma’s mood. I know, I know Gary and George wouldn’t approve of a julienne peeler in their kitchen. Is the MasterChef in you asking, “what good are your knife skills if you can’t julienne a carrot?” But, hey, I’m just a home cook! So, I’m going to allow that bit of indulgence.