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It’s Friday night here. Bangalore starts getting hot post Pongal, but strangely, this year, it has got cold over the past 3-4 days – just when I had sunned the quilts and warmers,  and tucked them away neatly until next winter. Well, so are the ways of the weather. The chill has also got us craving for hot and comforting food again. Many days you are excited about spending hours in the kitchen dishing out fancy recipes from far away lands with your young chef at home in tow for company. And then, there are days like today when rolling out half a dozen phulkas seems like a humongous chore.

It’s on days like today that a few fancy helpers in the kitchen serve as the right accessories to pep up momma’s mood. I know, I know Gary and George wouldn’t approve of a julienne peeler in their kitchen. Is the MasterChef in you asking, “what good are your knife skills if you can’t julienne a carrot?” But, hey, I’m just a home cook! So, I’m going to allow that bit of indulgence.

Good morning! I’m so looking forward to the weekend as it feels like this week has been going on forever and getting up every morning has been a drag. I’m continuing with the organizing theme this week as well. This stems from my urge to make the kitchen more efficient and reorganize the baskets. The kitchen was designed 10 years ago when I had no clue of what I would be using more often and how they should be placed. Over the years, the number of appliances have also increased which take up way too much cabinet space. But, all of this has redesigning has to wait another six months when I would have more time to execute the kitchen project. Until then, I’ll be pinning ideas :) 1. Fabio garment organizer for Rs.239 at Pepperfry 2. A stylish, antique metal box from The Bombay Store for Rs.512. I’m…

How I turned a Maggi bottle into an oil dispenserThis is a thrift post to show how to reuse ketchup and sauce bottles into oil dispensers. Not only are they healthy relative to plastic, they cost almost nothing and look amazing. I have been using these for over six years now. See what you need to make one at home.

I’m in love with glass lately – all shapes, sizes and colors. Thanks to MasterChef, I fell in love with glass oil dispensers that took me on a dispenser-hunting mission to Jamals, Home Stop, @ home, Home Town, a zillion other fancy crockery shops in the neighborhood and wherever we went. So,  I was looking for simple glass oil dispensers but didn’t find anything locally that was budget-friendly.

Then, when the Maggi ketchup bottle got over this time, I had cleaned it up (tip: use hot water and liquid soap to remove labels easily) to paint on it. But, it stayed on the counter for a week when I realized it could be turned into a oil dispenser with a pourer/spout. And, this is what we have.  A standard size spout fixes well on most bottles.

How I turned a Maggi bottle into an oil dispenser