Five vegetables you can grow in pots all around the year is one of the most viewed posts on the blog. And, another often searched item is ” how to grow tomatoes in pots at home”. I’m not surprised because the price of tomatoes varies substantially all through the years. Sometimes, they are available at throwaway prices and sometimes they are priced like gold. Nevertheless, becoming self sufficient for tomatoes, chillies has been a gardening goal for us. We have not bought papayas, pomegranates, lemons, basil, curry leaves and chilly from the market for the past year. I would like to soon get there for okra, beans, and tomatoes as well. In this post, I share my learning on what increased the size of my tomatoes, how to increase yield and grow tomatoes the organic way. Where to buy tomato seeds: I have compiled a resource of where to buy…

Every once in a while I hail a cab to take me to a part of the city I haven’t been to before. This mini-adventure is refreshing to the soul and the mind. Unfamiliar sights. Fresh scents. Some familiar cacophony. Different perspectives. Every old neighborhood of Bangalore has a strong regional influence some of which can be seen to this day. I had a meeting at Frazer Town around noon, and this seemed like a good opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of Pottery Lane, a to-visit neighborhood on my list, for long. Pottery town can now be safely crossed off. I booked an Uber cab expecting the ride to Pottery Lance to last an hour in the peak morning traffic, but it was much quicker. I got down at the cross roads of Pottery Lane where the porch of every house dotting the narrow alley had over…

What is it that you look at when you walk into a kitchen – at a friend’s, relatives’, your own or at a store? My eyes advertently scan the space for a clutter-free counter, organized pantry storage, layout, and to my surprise, how the pots and pans are stored.

I spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen cooking regular food or trying out new recipes and desserts for my son. Though keeping kadais and pans in the open makes for easy access and helps in drying naturally after washing them, I think it is an eyesore. Currently, I store my pans in a stainless steel stand over the sink and kadais in a large pullout drawer like the one below. I’d prefer to stash them away in cabinets but find most Indian modular kitchens ill-equipped in that area.