scented candles


Ever heard of Reshma Anand? I did not until I read her profile in ET and was pleasantly surprised to learn she is the founder of a arts store called “Earthy Goods”. With a corporate background in Hindustan Unilever, Reshma started Earthy Goods in 2007 after a 4-month road trip that took her to numerous rural villages across India.

You’ve got to check out the store and I’m sure you’ll be over the moon. Head over to Earthy Goods and indulge in some retail therapy. This is the perfect time of the year to get some home accents too…and if you’re already done with your share of shopping, never mind. Indulge by seeing :)

I know I know..lanterns yet again. But, I can’t help it. I just love them. these are hand-blown and comes in such fabulous colors that you just can’t resist.

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I’m visiting my parents at Bahrain on a 3-week vacation.   The weather is perfect: pleasant mornings, sunny afternoons cooled by a mild breeze, and chilly evenings. No matter how much you go around a place by car, there’s nothing to beat the sights, smells and sounds one experiences by foot. Don’t you agree? Every afternoon I go by myself with camera for company taking pictures of a new store, huge pots lining the streets and the colorful petunias along the medians. Despite being in the Middle-East, the festive spirit of X’mas and New Year is hard to miss in the stores.  The shelves are filled with tree decorations, stockings, bells, lights, scented candles and holders, incense holders and lanterns. So lovely and so very tempting to indulge in retail therapy… I picked a few lanterns and Arabic style incense/aroma holders.. It is fitting…

Any regular viewers of Vir Sanghvi’s Custom Made series on NDTV Good Times here? I happened to see the last five minutes of a episode on Friday night and liked the custom made candles on display. But, missed getting the name of the designer. Anyways, I spotted an elegant range of scented candles on Facebook called Illuminati Candles that I wish to share here today. According to its creator Lauren Paxton, these are gel scented candles with an average burning time of 9 hours. I think it’s an idea worth trying out if you have the gel candle making kit. The hobby ideas kit won’t work because it’s not transparent.  With fancy assorted glass containers and different colorful objects used for suspension, you can have your own range of scented candles for a party. Images: Lauren Paxton on FB