Most of the home tours you see featured here are born out of one picture; one picture that tugged a heart string. This time it was this beautiful bedroom, and boy, was I eager to see more. Welcome to the home of Wendy, who delights us with squares of her home on Instagram at @thekwendyhome. The Instagram handle is an amalgamation of Wendy and her husband’s name.  Wendy is a flight attendant by profession. Location: Toronto, Canada Size:1770 sq ft Years lived in: Less than six month Design aesthetic: a combination of eclectic, bohemian, and mid-century  There are two things that she said that make this home even more beautiful: 1) hospitality is at the center of it,  and 2) there are many things you can change about a home, but not its location or natural light. Now, that’s wisdom. For all of you who ask , what you should…

You know this is the busiest time of the year for paint companies with chock-a-block calendar? This is when most people give their walls a fresh lease of paint before the festive and wedding season begins. The most popular posts on this blog – on Asian Paints and Surprise your Spouse have been trending for the past two months.

A special effects (textured paint) on a ~ 100 sq. ft wall can cost upwards of INR 5,000. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you are proud of your DIY and not too worried about a professional finish. Sponging, combing, brushing, dapple, ragging, weaving, spatula and crinkle are some of the special effects on offer.

The intent of this post is to show that you can do it yourself at home.  For steps on how to do it, this is a great starting point. If you’ve never done a painting job before, I’d suggest you get started with these handy tips.

For all the textured effects, choose a base color and another foreground one that stands out as you can see below.

See, how easy it is?  How touch can stretching a comb over wet paint be especially if it leads to a stunning visual effect?

Entryways often change one’s impression about a home, much before you enter it, no matter how well or not the interiors are. The folks who live on the ground floor of the apartment I live in have this front door project going on for two weeks now – for every step forward, it’s a step backward. Fixing, painting, removing the edges, redoing it, and going back and forth on the design; it’s done now (hopefully).  This is perhaps why visualising or drawing is very important in an interiors project, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time and money, to repeat the same thing.

Arya Bhangy is a renowned name for hand-carved doors in Bangalore. Most doors can be used as pooja room doors as well (one of the readers had recently asked for pooja room door designs).  Most of the doors you see at their store have these kind of detailing and intricate craftsmanship – something which your regular carpenter will usually not be able to do.

The one below is a blend of traditional and modernity; this simple teak wood door has religious symbols doubling as the handle.

We are all back to work after a long, long weekend.

As I get ready to paint the house later this month when the rest of the family would be away for a week, I’m exploring my options. Just thinking of getting one of the outer walls stenciled in a flower pattern. What do you think? Have you stenciled any of your walls? If so, how did you do it and where did you get the stencils from?